Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Our Chintu

                                   Born in Bangalore on around May 6th 2002, We( ie my bro, my mom and i)  first saw Chintu as a cute little pup struggling in the mud in a place called Cuppon park in Bangalore. It was due to my brother's persistence that we managed to bring Chintu home despite all odds. I still remember the train journey from Bangalore , we had stuffed the her(Chintu) into a carrier bag and carried her on the train as a part of our luggage so as to avoid suspicion. We fed it milk through a small hole in the bag. Astonishingly she didn't make a single sound through out the entire journey... When we finally reached chennai and let it out inside the house , my grandpa was pleasantly surprised. I was not exactly a dog lover at the time but what followed between me and Chintu in the following years can best be described as a "beautiful friendship".

                                     I can still fondly recall the first time i saw it bark. It was near the back entrance to my house where i saw it barking when a sudden sound originated from near the gate.Chintu grew up fast and she grew u to be a strong dog at that, she was well built and could run like a fox. Her coat was a dusky brown with shades of white (see photos). she had a unique proud, majestic look to her. Chintu was also quite intelligent and ever alert. She never let anyone from the streets come even near the gates, but apart from all this the one thing which i felt set Chintu apart, was her loyalty and sense of devotion to all of us, she could always sense when one of us was ill and would come sleep beside the sick one during the time of need so as to provide comfort, they say in Tamil 'naai oru vaai illa jeevan' that a dog is a living being without a mouth, but i feel that Chintu spoke more through her actions than any human could ever speak using words. Chintu was always there in our times of joy and sadness. I still fondly remember the games me and my bro used to play with Chintu and i also recollect the time where she bit me and i had to get shots. Chintu was always effervescent and full of energy. No one could catch  her once she started running, through out the past 6 years we developed a bond with Chintu. A bond of affection, compassion of love. When I went off to bhopal, Chintu stopped eatin for a few days and only resumed eating after she heard my voice over the cell phone. Every time i returned from bhopal, Chintu was always there to give me a grand welcome and i enjoyed every minute of my stay in chennai with her. On April 8th,2008 at about early morning, Chintu passed away after living a life that touched many hearts... Chintu u will always be remembered as a dog that truly cared.


my mom with chintu

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Diwali

Wishing all my reader(s) a happy and safe diwali...

Monday, October 6, 2008

What's in a name?

Well I found the answer to that question the hard way. I requested a Bona fide Certificate from my college recently and they gave it with the name printed as 'T Anand Arora' instead of 'T Anand Arasu'. I just cant understand why these people cant even write a name properly. But even this could be forgiven since 'Arasu' is basically a pure Tamil word and I suppose the moment these people see a 'A' and 'R' together they think its 'Arora'.
But what I definitely can’t forgive or explain is the way those admin idiots printed my name on my marksheet. 'T ANAD'!!! it appears that they had so much of a problem with the word 'Arasu’ that they decided to  totally leave it out and on top of that they left out the 'N' in anand. Now whether its north India or south India, 'Anand' is probably one of the most common names around, how they managed to bungle that up, only God knows.
It also appears that my name is not the only one undergoing mutation at the hands of MANIT's staff. Here are a few of my fellow mutants

shrinivs instead of shrinivas
Prabhakir instead of Prabhakaran
Mayaa instead of Mayank!!!

I've applied for a correction in the name ,I can only hope that they get it right  this time.

----- Rant over------

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Gamet Of Goof Ups

Well the great sages of yester year all said that “It is easy to laugh at others but It takes great courage to laugh at one self “ , but then again there’s a saying that you shouldn’t wash your dirty linen in public. Well I’m going to trust the sages on this one.

                       If you ask my friends about me they’ll tell you n number of stories of my ‘eccentricities’ or ‘Aras Comedies’ as it’s come to be labeled. Here’s a two of my favourite ones,

The Sangam Debacle

My Cousin booked two tickets online for Kamal Hasan’s Dasavatharam at Sangam cinemas, a day later he told me that he wouldn’t be able to come. So I called up my friend vinod shankar and asked him if he would come see the movie with me, he agreed and asked “What’s the date and timing of the show da?’. I told him that it was matinee show on the following Wednesday. The ‘D’ day arrived and vinod arrived at the bus stop near my house from where we were to start the long journey (about  15 kms) to sangam. He asked to see the ticket. I then realized I had forgotten it, luckily I lived closeby and so I went home and got it. When I got back to the bus stop , vinod asked to see the ticket, I showed him and on the cover of the ticket it was written, TIME : 2:00 Pm ‘Tuesday’ . We stopped in our tracks, I thought it might have been a printing mistake and desperately pulled out the ticket from the cover and it confirmed my worst fears. The profanity which hung on the precipice of Vinod’s mouth blasted out in full flow “otha @#^$*%!<---censored--*&^%”. We had missed the show by one full day and he began the long walk home in the sweltering summer sun cursing me with every breath.

Shower To Shower

I had just come into the hostel and my classmate Prabhakaran gave me his room key to give to his roommate Balaji. I placed it in my pocket and went to his room ,  When I reached his room, balaji had just left to take a bath. Thinking he had left I locked the room and went off to my own room. About half an hour later I left the hostel to attend to some work I had in college. About 2 hours later I was shocked to receive the following message.

               “ Psycho!!! I have never seen such a psycho like u in my entire Life.”

And then it struck me that I still had his room key in my pocket. OMG!! When I went to back to the hostel I saw what was left of the lock. Balaji had cut through the lock using a Swiss army knife while draped in nothing more than a bathing towel. Boy that must’ve been awkward. ;-)

We’ll my buddies could probably tell you a few more, but hey don’t think I’m absent minded or clumsy or doing any of this on purpose, I can remember stuff but just tend to forget a few minor details which end up snowballing due to sheer circumstance and dumb luck (hey a guy cant do much about those things!!).

Well I’m pretty sure that this post will have a continuation someday as more goof ups pile up,   so it would be apt to say
                                                                         ----- to be continued...

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