Friday, December 18, 2009

The Kolkata Collage

Naveen and Me outside the Birla Planetarium

Wake me up when september Ends :)

Rajathesh, Naveen and me (R2L) at the
gates of the Victoria Memorial Hall

The Streets of Kolkata

Victoria Memorial Hall

Two roads Diverged in a wood and Shriram
took the one less trodden (hehe)

Cool aint it!!

The bridge that connects the hostel to the college!!!

St Paul's Cathedral
(Naveen, me and Manoj L2R)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And Were Back... A Tete-a-Tete with yours truly

After one of the longest hiatus in blogging history(almost a year now) I've finally decided to write in my blog again. All Hail the return of the King(Arasu) :P . I make no excuses for not posting, i was just going through a lazy spell the whole of last year! And hence couldn't get my but of the couch long enough to write anything.

Where am I now?

Right now I'm in IISCR, Kolkata doing an intern and eating Bengali rasagolaas (umm yummy). The journey that brought me here though truly deserves a separate post. It was seriously one of those once in a life time journeys, more on that later...

Why didn't I post anything in the past one year?

Now i am making this very clear so that certain people with vested interests can't go around spreading misinformation. As i mentioned before, after the last post which i wrote i went into a lazy slump and didn't post anything despite my friends Manoj and SG compelling me to write something from time to time. One more thing which sort of made me apprehensive about writing is the fact that my mom discovered my blog. Now this is not exactly a bad thing but the fact is that you can't write as freely as you want, when you know your mom will read it. Hey mom if your reading this 'sorry but certain truths have to be spoken'.

Why the sudden decision to start writing again?

A lot of my friends did tell me to get of my ass and start writing so this was on the cards for a long time now, and i also spoke to my mom and she didn't really have a problem with what i wrote (or so she says :) ) . But all of this still didn't give me the spark to start writing, i thought that when the spark came it would be like one of those moments of revelation, like when newton discovered gravity when the apple fell on him, or, like when the policeman in Ghajini suddenly realizes that the 10 digit number tattooed on Sanjay's body is a cell phone number!!! Unfortunately it was not to be and the circumstances were vastly different. I was chatting with one of my friends on GTalk and i had my blogs address as my status message. Then someone who i hadn't talked too much before suddenly sends this one line 'hey its been a year since you've posted anything in your blog'. I was quite embarrassed and didn't really know what to say, even though it was just an obvious statement which many people before had already made the suddenness of it all just made me feel ashamed of not writing anything. Now I know most people will call this one of my goof ups ( Aras Comedies ) and i really don't care about that, but the problem lies in the fact that there are some people out there who know about this and will add extra tails, heads and what nots to this story just so that they get their share of sadistic pleasure. So i wrote this post so as to clear the air on what really happened.

Where do we go from here now?

As promised before the next article is definitely about my unforgettable trip to kolkata. So see you soon (and this time i don't mean another 1 year) .

Au revoir.
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