Monday, October 6, 2008

What's in a name?

Well I found the answer to that question the hard way. I requested a Bona fide Certificate from my college recently and they gave it with the name printed as 'T Anand Arora' instead of 'T Anand Arasu'. I just cant understand why these people cant even write a name properly. But even this could be forgiven since 'Arasu' is basically a pure Tamil word and I suppose the moment these people see a 'A' and 'R' together they think its 'Arora'.
But what I definitely can’t forgive or explain is the way those admin idiots printed my name on my marksheet. 'T ANAD'!!! it appears that they had so much of a problem with the word 'Arasu’ that they decided to  totally leave it out and on top of that they left out the 'N' in anand. Now whether its north India or south India, 'Anand' is probably one of the most common names around, how they managed to bungle that up, only God knows.
It also appears that my name is not the only one undergoing mutation at the hands of MANIT's staff. Here are a few of my fellow mutants

shrinivs instead of shrinivas
Prabhakir instead of Prabhakaran
Mayaa instead of Mayank!!!

I've applied for a correction in the name ,I can only hope that they get it right  this time.

----- Rant over------


Shrinivas said...

Lolz. Nice way of writing da !

MAnoj_TRumPed said...

:)) ...

Ven-k@- said...

1.Original version(as seen clearly in my ID card):K S Venkatakrishnan

2.Gult version:K S Venkata Krishna

well nothing can beat yours though

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